Education | Top 5 Design Classes Available on Skillshare is my new obsession. The online learning/teaching resource is filled with fun and exciting classes taught by skilled professionals. Classes on Skillshare are broken down into a variety of interests, design, entrepreneurship, photography, gaming, and culinary to name a few. Once a student signs up they are eligible to take an hours worth of classes each month, for a premium membership of 9.99 you can take as many as you want. At the very least sign up for the free account and take an hour to learn how to design a better logo from Aaron Draplin, I mean who can pass that up.

Here are my favorite classes about design currently available on

1. Logo Design the Draplin Way: Building with Shape, Type, and Color - Aaron Draplin

2. Drawing on Everything: Finding Your Creative Voice - by Shantell Martin

3. Vintage Hand-Lettering: Styling Phrases for Timeless Appeal - by Mary Kate McDevitt

4. Freelancing for Creatives: Kickstart Your Independence - by Margot Harrington

5. How to Present: Share Ideas That Inspire Action - by Simon Sinek (Not technically design, but still important)

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Art + Design | Burlesque of North America

Burlesque of North America has been and is currently one of my favorite design studios in the United States. Based in Minneapolis, the studio is led by Wes Winship and Mike Davis (print and creative directors). The group has produced hundreds of projects for bands, independent designers, and mom and pop shops. Some of the designers they have collaborated with include Aaron Draplin and Adam Garcia. Keep Burlesque of North America when you are doing your holiday shopping this year.

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Style | Adidas ZX Flux NPS Weave

If you expect to get your hands on these perfect Adidas ZX FLUX's for the fall, you better act fast! These sneakers are being released as a U.K. exclusive sold the the size? online store. These sneakers are sophisticated and stylish. Frankly, the Adidas FLUX line of shoes are incredibly attractive and the black and wheat colored NPS' only add to the brand's sneaker renaissance.

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Advice | Cody Hudson - The Art of the Side Hustle

#LIVINGOFFTHEWALL - Cody Hudson & The Art of the Side Hustle Pt 1 from Vans OffTheWall.TV on Vimeo.

Cody Hudson is a graphic designer and creative collaborator based out of Chicago, Il. In this video he shows us around his studio and discusses the importance of staying creative even if nobody sees it. A serious challenge for those of us who are pursing creative industries or creative independence. Lots of good advice here. Thanks to Adam Garcia from The Pressure for the link.

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Good Things | Forest and Waves

It is challenging to pin down exactly what Vancouver B.C. based Forest and Waves is exactly. The brand's founder Ed Juan decided to switch gears in 2012 and leave the animation industry to start a business with greater personal meaning to him. That's when he formed Forest and Waves with a vision to design and create beautiful objects that incorporates his love for the outdoors. Forest and Waves is a spectacularly curated, intelligently designed collection of objects; linens, cups, apparel, everything. The eclectic catalog is it's most attractive quality. Stop by their online store and see for yourself.

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Style | Vans "Royal Paisley" Authentics

Check out this amazing pair of Vans Authentic's. The "Royal Paisley's" are the perfect sneakers to crush leaves beneath your feet all fall long. The paisley pattern is classic, the navy base color accents the gold pattern in the best way, and for a very reasonable $65 these Vans are available through the Vans online store and select retailers. Get your pair fast.

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My Minnesota brothers of Askov Finlayson have been making awesome things, hosting fun events, and being Midwest ambassadors since the brand was founded in 2011 by brothers Andrew and Eric Dayton. Their latest product, theNORTH HAT is a throwback to Minnesota's hockey roots. The hats are designed and manufactured in Minnesota.

"In 2013, Askov Finlayson began offering its own clothing along with items produced in partnership with friends. We apply our highest standard to our own products because they carry our name. Askov Finlayson’s design offices are located next door to our store and all our own products are made in America. We’re inspired by Minnesota’s traditions of exploration and year-round enjoyment of the outdoors, as well as the thriving design and artistic community in Minneapolis. It’s the combination of perseverance and creativity that we consider to be among the finest characteristics of America’s North. "

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Sneakers | Converse All-Star Rubber Collection

This Fall Converse is releasing the Chuck Taylor All Stars Rubber collection. The monochromatic color scheme is really solid and I could see how they would pair well with Fall denim and a nice rain coat. Starting at $65 the Fall 2014 Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber collection features soft fleece lining, with a rubber upper in designed to protect your feet during rainy day weather.

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