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The Good Camp is stoked to present to you an outfitter guide produced with the help of our good friend and adventurer, Ben Landry. Ben is an industrial designer working out of Denver, CO and when he isn't busy designing, he's outside exploring the great American west. Being the avid outdoorsman he is I figured there wasn't a better source to tap when putting together this list. thanks to his suggestions we were able to pair items together to satisfy avid sportsmen and weekend warriors alike.

TENT: Smaller and lighter is always better. There is all sorts of buzz about the MSR hubba hubba NX. A long anticipated update on the original (hubba hubba) that changed the game for light weight tents. Plus, it looks kick ass.

Option 2: Boreas tent - currently sold out but have a look and you'll quickly see why.
Option 3: Eureka Timberline - A down right classic!

LANTERN: Camp light, cause you're going to need something once its dark and you've been drinking... (headlamps are a staple but they get annoying after a while, not great for reading). Black Diamond Lanterns are great. This one goes from sitting on the picnic table as a lantern, to a flashlight for the walk, and is able to hang once it's in your tent.

SAW: Sven Saw out of Duluth make best camping saw. period.

STOVE: This is my favorite. it burns liquid fuel so you can re-fill the bottle rather than having to throw out canisters like other stoves. Its not super high tech or anything close to new but it's a bomber.

UTENSILS: Cool cooking utensils from Alite Designs. An easy to pack and versatile tool for preparing your campfire meals.

SLEEPING BAG: Lots of products challenging the idea of a zip up bag, down blankets are a cool idea. Versatile, great option for solo or open it up to get snuggly with whatever else is in your tent (girlfriend/dog).Check out Enlightened Equipment Enigma. These dudes are making affordable bomber down bags out of Winona, Minnesota!

FRISBEE: If the Japanese think it's cool, so do I. OYO and TOPO designs are one in the same by the way. Perfect for a game of beersbee.

HIKING BOOTS: Forsake is a cool start-up footwear brand based out of the east coast but inspired by adventures in the west. Their flagship hiker boot retails at $130.

This list is just the starting point for gearing up for your next spring/summer adventure out in the woods. The Good Camp encourages you to get outside and do something this weekend. Remember, if you can't afford all this stuff you can still afford a $30 tent from Target, a bottle of whiskey, and a pocket knife. The outdoors are calling you, are you listening?

Big thanks to Ben for putting this list together and writing the product descriptions! If you would like to get a hold of him for more outdoor travel advice and/or design projects email him and check out his website while you're at it.


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The Look | Get Fit

The snow is melting up north, a definitive signifier of the impending spring. The warmer weather can be stressful for us northerners. Depressingly long winter months make health and fitness an afterthought for those who have suffered though polar vortexes and blizzards. So this look is dedicated to those trying to whip their ass back into shape from taking the winter off of working out. A surefire way to jump start your motivation to hit they gym is buying some new gear; look good, feel good.

Nike Flyknit Chukka ($170): The Nike Flyknit design are the single most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. Lightweight, breathable, and incredibly strong, Nike has them in three models, running, custom, and chukka. Pick up a pair for the way to train.

Nike Track and Field AW77 Sweatpant ($80): Admittedly it is difficult to put up eighty dollars for a pair of sweatpants. Having said that, these pair might be worth it.

Golds Gym Stringer Tank ($16): Gold's Gym is an icon. Super buff dudes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman have trained there and made the "old joe" logo infamous. Winning tons of Mr. Olympia awards will help boost your brand too.

J.Crew x Penfield Irondale Gym Bag ($85): The Irondale bag is pretty lovely. J. Crew's collaboration with Massachusetts-based Penfield resulted in a durable and stylish bag featuring a vintage Penfield logo. The item is online only, so order it through

iPod Mini ($49): I prefer not to work out with my phone. Constant connection does not need to extend to the gym or out on a run. Honestly, I can't recall the last time I considered buy an iPod, at this point it seems obsolete. But the mini is a cheap option to listen to music while working out without wearing a bulky sleeve for your phone or full-size iPod.

York Hercules Cast Iron Kettle Bell ($40-80): If you're more of an at home trainer kettle bells provide an awesome workout. The beefy cast iron bells from York are are pretty badass option.

Jawbone Up Fitness Monitor Bracelet ($99): There are lot's of fitness monitoring options out there these days, Garmin makes one, Nike makes one, there are plenty of options. The Up bracelet from Jawbone is a more discreet option, no bells or whistles so you can wear it all the time without looking like fitness geek.

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Art + Design | Stephen "Espo" Powers

 photo 42e74886-575e-4fe4-a833-5673d2c0aae8_zps02a1c6b4.jpg

Looking at Stephen Powers' work makes you feel good. His series of murals and prints "A Love Letter For You" are overwhelmingly positive and personal, like the greatest Hallmark card ever written. The New York City based studio and graffiti artist has been getting up for years. Under the pseudonym "ESPO" Stephen Powers painted illegally until 2000, usually painting in broad daylight like a boss. When he turned his attention to studio art full-time the success he found in the streets followed him to the galleries.

As a member of the Beautiful Losers art collective, along with Barry Magee, Margaret Kilgallen, and Harmony Korine (to name a few), he was a subject in the feature length documentary of the same name. If you haven't watched it already, it is available on Netflix and you're a fool if you don't view it tonight, or this week, or when you have the time. You can purchase some of Stephen Powers' prints from his webstore His prints are beautiful and usually limited. Most people have likely seen the "Everything is Shit, Except You, Love" print at one time or another on the internet. Now you can have an authentic piece art and decorate like a grown-up.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram

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Style | The Brothers Crisp

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Hartford, Connecticut based moccasin and boot makers The Brothers Crisp are the real deal. The hand-sewn leather mocs made right here in America's northeast have serious soul. Pairs of 6" & 8" boots go for $325 and boat shoes, chukkas and mocs for $225 are made in the tradition of the northeast outerwear.

Getting your hands on a pair is a unique process. With an emphasis on the perfect fit, the shoemaker encourages any person in the northeast area of the U.S. to stop by their Hartford workshop in Parksville to get measure for the perfect pair. However if you have to order online they instruct you on the proper way to measure your feet to get a custom fit. Or you can order a stock size if you'd prefer.

"Whether you want 100 pair co-branded for your brand or boutique, or just want one pair custom built to fit you perfectly, just get in touch through email, social media, or telephone and let us know what you’re looking for."

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Keep up with The Brothers Crisp Instagram - Facebook -

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Connect | The Good Camp Links

Articles from around the web including Ta-Nehisis Coates' "Other People's Pathologies" via The Atlantic.


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Style | Fine Light Trading

Fine Light Trading make some hardcore mens jewelry. New York City based FLT-INC is owned and operated by Innis Lawrence. The heavy brass and silver rings feature religious, indian, and American iconography. The project started as a way for Lawrence to make a jewelry that he admired, but couldn't afford and has since made him into a popular artisan. You can purchase jewelry from his online store or though a FLT-INC stockist. If you're in the Austin, TX area you could even pick it up at Stag!

Check out this interview of Innis Lawrence produced by Knickerbocker Mfg.

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Lifestyle | Cocktail Essentials

With spring and summer around the corner (maybe) we though it would be a good idea to put together a list of some cocktail essentials for your next patio party. Part of being a great host is having a few killer cocktail recipes up your sleeve and whether you are working on making the perfect mojito, old fashioned, or whiskey sour, you will need some supplies.

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($32): A four-piece design with a 32-ounce capacity, easy to operate, and made from high quality glass and stainless steel, used like any other cocktail shaker. Get yours today, and bring a little southern sweetness to your cocktail repertoire.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds [Set of Two] ($11): The innovative and clever design gives you a 2.5" sphere, perfect to accompany your Irish Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, or Bourbon. Tovolo's slow melting sphere will bring out the full flavor of your drink.

Mingle Bar Glasses ($8): Crate & Barrel cocktail glasses. Gold and platinum strands weave sparkle, pattern and texture onto entertaining glassware with year-round good looks and sophisticated holiday flair.

Shake: A New Perspective On Cocktails ($25): Shake is a unique cocktail book that expresses our seasonal and straightforward approach to drinks and entertaining and reminds us that mixing cocktails should be simple social and above all fun. Perfect for the coffee table and the inspired drinker.

Wood Shaker Muddler ($17): Crate & Barrel designed muddler. Old-fashioned get the vintage touch with a classic bar tool inspired by an unusual vintage version. Crafted of beautifully grained shesham wood, turnip-shaped muddler mashes sliced citrus and leafy herbs from all angles, while the narrow, flat bottom gets to work on smaller ingredients.

Fee Brothers Bitters ($13): Made in Rochester, New York, Fee Brothers is the preeminent name in whiskey bitters. With tons of flavors ranging from traditional aromatic bitters to orange, and even celery, your cocktail cabinet should not be without a bottle.

Cocktail Picks [Set of Six] ($8): Sleek, sophisticated picks spear your favorite canap├ęs, cocktail snacks or bar garnishes. Substitute olives and pickles for oranges and cherries in the coming months.

While you're at it, check out these excellent spring and summer cocktail recipes for the whiskey and bourbon drinkers out there. Cheers!

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Music | "Move That Dope" C. Justice Remix

Here's a vibed-out spring time remix to Future's "Move That Dope" featuring Pusha-T and Pharrell from C.Justice. The original is a crunchy, dirty, synth laden track, with tough vocals from Future, Push, and Pharrell (sort of). C. Justice's edit cleans up the song in a way that improves the track's reach. Two thumbs up from The Good Camp.

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