Style | TOPO Designs X Salomon

Outdoor backpack specialists TOPO Designs have recently teamed up with premier outdoor outfitter Salomon to bring you a line of beautifully designed and flawlessly manufactured backpacks and footwear. These two brands seemed destined for collaboration at some point. TOPO founder Jedd Rose expressed his excitement for their partnership, "The collaboration with Salomon is a very exciting one for us here at Topo. Salomon for us has always represented the quintessential mountain brand with products that are technically and aesthetically superior and stay true to their mountain roots."

The Rover Pack and Instinct Pro won't be available until Spring '15 so this is bit of a tease. However anything new from both of these brands is worth talking about. Check out the latest from TOPO designs at their online store and Salomon here.

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Interview | Joel Chavez - Cub & Company

Before setting out from Minneapolis to Portland I sent a cold email out to one of the dudes I have come to admire most in the lifestyle marketing world, Joel Chavez at Cub & Company. Being a part-time photographer, part-time blogger guy I wanted to reach out to someone who would possibly be interested in partnering up with TGC while we trekked cross country. Joel responded with one of the kindest, most supportive emails from a person whom I've never talked to before. Before I could say anything Joel had mailed me two of his amazing Shooter Straps from Cub & Co. and told me to enjoy our trip and take care.

After taking a number of pictures for Cub & Co. on the road I wanted to know more about Joel. A guy as friendly and encouraging deserves more recognition and support from the awesome community of makers and creatives in the digital world.

1.) Where are you from/where are you currently?

I grew up on Long Island, a suburb about 40 minutes outside of NYC but most of my family lived in Washington heights so I spent a lot of my time uptown as well. I'm still on Long Island as I prefer the pace of life, having a yard and space for a little workshop in the basement.

2.) According to your website you started designing Cub & Co. products because of your love for analog photography. Like most photographer's I imagine you have a number of camera's in your arsenal. What is your favorite camera you own and why is it significant?

I do, I'm a little obsessed actually. Sort of how people obsess over classic cars, thats basically how I am with cameras. They're the perfect combination of form and function, everything about them fascinates me. Picking a favorite is a little like picking your favorite kid. They each have their strengths and ideal circumstance where I'd use one or the other.

But if I had to pick one, I'd have to go with my Mamiya Universal Press. Its a big sexy beast of a medium format camera and its extremely versatile. You can shoot 6x7, 6x9, 6x12, instant pack film, and you can hack the crap out of it shoot all types of formats. I predominantly shoot instant with it, and to me thats my favorite format.

3.) What was the first camera accessory you designed and how did you manufacture it? What was it about that first product that made you decide to begin pursing making more leather camera accessories?

The first product I made was an early iteration of what we now call the Shooter strap. I've always been a maker so when I needed a strap for a new camera, I decided to make my own. It got such an awesome response that I decided to take it even further. First and foremost, I'm a shooter. Everywhere I go I have a camera with me, so I decided to make items that would not only be functional tools, but an extension of myself and my lifestyle.

4.) Who are you top 5 favorite instagram users? Who get's you the most inspired to use your camera everyday?

I guess inspiration comes in multiple forms, sometimes you can be inspired by someones work thats similar to yours, sometimes completely different, other times its aspirational. In no particular order my favorite IG'ers would have to be

1. @parkerfitzhenry - I've been following Parkers work years before IG, he's got a special eye for composition and tonality of light, he's a must on my list.

2. @streetetiquette - These guys have such a unique take on street style, their urban yet historical perspective on style really resonates with me.

3. @japancamerahunter - Great dude, and a copious amount of Leica camera porn

4. @ryanmuirhead - The man's a genius with a camera, I'm always fascinated seeing all the creative decisions he makes in handling specific circumstances.

5. @theadamgoldberg - Predominantly for his work with instant pack film and the Mamiya Universal

5.) What are somethings you've learned since you started Cub & Co? What advice would you like to pass on to people who want to try their hand at artisan manufacturing?

There's tons of things I'm learning every day about the industry, about the craft, about myself. Most of importantly I've learned that nothing comes without struggle and hard work. We are owed nothing in life. We have this false sense of entitlement, maybe its generational, but nothing in life will be handed to you. That being said, if you approach everything with respect, doors will open up for you. Respect for the craft, respect for your customers, and most of all respect for yourself. Everything else will fall into place.

Be sure to follow Joel on Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to check out the Cub and Co. online store for the latest products. Make a purchase to support an amazing dude who making the photography community a more stylish place.

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On The Road | Faribault Woolen Mills

While traveling the 2,166 miles from Minneapolis to Portland my partner Mattie and I had the pleasure of shooting some product for a few brands including one of my favorites, Faribault Woolen Mills. We got our hands on the Zig-Zag throw featured in the pictures of Mattie and I in the Badlands, SD. and Smith Rock, OR. It is truly a thing of beauty. We slept with it on seedy motel beds and under the stars in the Tetons of Wyoming. As a Minnesotan it makes me really proud to support a brand that has such an illustrious heritage in my home state. Check out their online store for tons a beautiful products and follow their instagram for inspiration.

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The Good Camp News | Hello, Portland

My apologies for those who have stopped by TGC recently only to see that the site hasn't been updated in a over a week. It has been a super crazy, busy time the since the beginning of June but I have awesome news. I (Pete) have moved to Portland, Oregon and am continuing to write and publish content for TGC here in the Pacific Northwest. My partner Mattie and I drove over 2100 miles in less than 6 days. The two of us are exhausted, but so excited to share part of our journey across the west with everyone. I will be posting lots of new articles and features in the coming week so check back frequently. Thanks for reading.

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The Look | Team USA

It's world cup, baby. Last night Team USA beat arch-nemesis Ghana, the team that eliminated us in the last two world cups. America's new soccer megastar and Team USA captain, Clint Dempsey, scored in the first 30 seconds, like a BOSS! In the 82nd minute Ghana tied it up, but four minutes later USA took the lead again on a goal from John Brooks (watch the fan reaction videos). For the next month, or at least until the US is eliminated every American should wear some sort of flag print article of clothing at all times. Here are some Good Camp suggestions to show off your support for the USMNT.

Profound Aesthetic 5-Panel USA Hat ($48): This Profound Aesthetic hat features multiple stitched details and is made of 100% cotton.

Ralph Lauren Camo Cutoff Shorts ($49): This bold 12" cargo short is crafted from camouflage-print cotton ripstop and features an American flag print at the right cargo pocket and cool frayed hems.

Team USA Soccer Tees ($25): Pick up official USMNT gear at If you're a size small you can pick up the sick Dempsey Tee for 7 bucks, not bad.

Nike Air Max USA Pack ($???): For these sneakers you'll have to find 'em on ebay. Nike released this pack last year in a red, white, and blue colorway. Complete with the flag on the tongue, these are hard to beat.

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Instagram Round Up!

Here's a brief list of who to follow on Instagram if your IG feed is getting stale. Each of these photographers have an adventurous vibe and will surely inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, find some good people, and see something new.

80sqft: Check out this family of four; husband, wife, child, and dog adventuring around the U.S. in a '76 VW Westfalia van. If you've ever wanted to own one of these bad boys, I assure you this Insta will have you combing craigslist daily.

sanborncanoe: Sanborn Canoe Company is an artisan paddle maker and outfitter based in Winona, Minnesota. "It's not just a past time, it's a heritage." #scoutforth

giffinlamb: Griffin Lamb is a Washington based photographer who has some serious skill. He shoots mostly landscapes, his website is also awesome.

seeseemotorcoffee: The coffee/motorcycle shop on Sandy Blvd. in Portland, Oregon has one of my favorite IG accounts. 1 part motorcycle, 1 part coffee = totally cool.

1924us: Starting as a blog in 2011, 1924 is a collective and art blog. Their IG is mostly for inspirational purposes. However, they often publish sick illustrations.

mattiekrall: Mattie is an adventure photographer based in Portland. She often splits time between PDX, California, and the Midwest, taking photos of travels along the way. Full-disclosure, she's my girlfriend, and she's supremely talented. Please, give her a follow and check out her website. :)

While you're at it follow us too - @petergjovik - @yobennyfresh - @thegoodcamp

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The Look | Roadtrip Ready

Big news everybody, The Good Camp is moving to Portland! For the past two years TGC has primarily operated in the Twin Cites of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. In two weeks I pack up the car and head west. Starting a website isn't easy, lots of people will tell you that. There have been bumps in the road and hurdles I never expected to jump, but overcoming those obstacles has been made easier by living in such a supportive place. However, moving to PDX is going to be a big, positive change for TGC. I'm excited to connect with the vibrant community of Portland and explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Before setting out for new horizons I figure it would be fun to put together a look for the road. The appeal of travel is seeing new things, exploring new towns, meeting people, and preparing yourself for anything. For this look I tried to keep things functional, comfortable, and classic.

Levi's 508 Khaki Shorts ($17): Low profile fit, 508 shorts are perfect for long trips in the car. Currently on clearance at JCP for $17; a price that's hard to beat.

J Crew Broken-In Pocket Tee ($25): J Crew makes exquisite tees. Their broken-in pocket t-shirt is a hard-washed cotton jersey that feels like you've owned it forever.

Frost River Summit Expedition Pack ($190): The Summit series of packs are some of the easiest to like in the Frost River line. “It’s all you need”, has been said. Just toss stuff inside, throw your shoulders through the straps and go. -

Faribault Woolen Mills Zig Zag Wool Throw ($190): It's important to have a quality road blanket with you. Whether you pull over on the side of the road for a picnic, or need a nap on the long shots of highway driving, Faribault makes comfortable, durable blankets for your road trippin' needs.

Birkenstock Sandals ($90): Once worn primarily by hippies, Birkenstock's have came back in a big way this summer. Most style blogs have placed a pair of their sandals (mens and womens) on the list of pieces for the summer. The Good Camp is always a fan of lasting, quality, items coming back into style.

Pendleton Indy Felt Hat ($49): Because there is no better time to dress like Indiana Jones.

Timex Expedition Watch ($55): The expedition watch is a classic. Slightly more durable and functional than the super popular Weekender watch. This is what I will be wearing on the road.

Ray Ban Aviators ($150): These had to be included. It's just the way it is.

Topocharger ($150): Topocharger is a fantastic innovation for contemporary explorers. The GPS device updates you with topographical maps for trail exploration. There are color distinctions in the app alerting you of private, public, and park land. It also features an external battery that doubles your phones life so you can work off the grid and not be afraid of getting stranded. The adventure begins when you get off the highway.

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Cool Things | Poler Cast Iron Skillet

Poler, the popular purveyor of outwear based in Portland, Oregon just released their latest product; a wonderful cast iron skillet made for cooking bacon over an open flame. The 12" skillet, complete with dual pouring spouts weighs a modest seven pounds and retails for $49.99 through

Cooking with a cast iron pan is an art form. I was schooled on the best ways to season your pan while camping this weekend. Basically cook lots of bacon in it but don't dump out all of the grease, eventually it will become non-stick. Here's a link to with some excellent embedded videos via wikihow on how to season your new pan.

Cam cooking Bacon

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